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Allie Taylor Rios, Co-Founder of AMPED, is the third generation  in a musical family.  The grand daughter of professional musicians, Allie followed in their footsteps and chose to pursue a career in music.


Allie majored in Vocals, and graduated from the prestigious Los Angeles College of Music in 2013. Allie studied under the talented Tierney Sutton (3 time Grammy nominee for Jazz Artist of the Year),

Dorian Holley, vocal coach on Americal Idol and vocal coach/back up singer for Michael Jackson,

and Kaycee Clanton, star of I Love Janis, the Janis Joplin Musical.


Allie is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist, and teaches songwriting,  vocal performance, guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and drums.


Allie's Kryptonite is kittens.

AMPED Vocal Coaches Allie Rios
and Janell Crampton

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