Julian is a dedicated multi-instrumentalist with a specialization in music composition, and a enthusiasm for teaching.

Julian started his musical journey at 12 years old, on the piano,

where he took private lessons for 2 years until he found his talent in playing guitar.

Shortly after, Julian's newfangled musical ability sprung into many new opportunities, and allowed Julian to play many different styles of music throughout most of his youth (punk, metal, alternative, surf, etc.), and thereby establish himself as a well-rounded musician.

Subsequently, Julian found his fascination for writing music, and this drove Julian to study for his bachelors degree in music composition at College of the Canyons.

Julian found his passion for teaching through private lessons he held for other students at College of the Canyons, who found his methods with songwriting encouraging.

Julian's craft in bountiful instruments enables him to teach guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, music theory, and songwriting. 

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