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Founded in May, 2017, the Academy of Music Performance and Education (AMPED) was the brain child of the Taylor family (Bob, Dina, Max, and Allie) and sprung from the desire to be able to wake up every morning, do what we love to do, and share our enthusiasm and passion for music with others. 


Amped became a reality with the generous financial contribution of Charles Feldman, a prolific composer,

and the grandfather of Max and Allie.  


All of our teachers are professional musicians, and actively earn income working in the music industry.  They possess the skills and knowledge necessary to proficiently teach music theory and technique to students of all ages and levels of musicianship.  Most importantly, our passionate teaching staff create a learning environment that is welcoming, encouraging, and a lot of fun!  




By providing a welcoming and family-friendly

music education environment, our

accomplished and professional instructional

staff instill a sense of belonging.  Everyone

is welcome, and every learning style is valued.


Whether you will be playing in a band with

other students, doing it solo, or creating that

perfect sound in the studio, our teaching

staff are positive musical role models for

our students.


We provide comprehensive instruction and programs where students can experience the power of music.  tap into that power and see how far you can go!  Learning to play and perform music with others promotes self confidence, enhances brain function, and provides opportunities for individual and social growth.


We consider our customers to be part of our musical family.  We will pay attention to the smallest of details.  We will respond to your requests in a prompt and courteous manner and will make every effort to accommodate your requests. We will solicit your  feedback to help us improve our services.  We will meet your music education needs!​   




Through our proactive approach, our instructors and staff are committed to providing students with a safe and stimulating environment that is conducive to learning.  Whatever your musical goals or skill level, all  students are welcome and will start playing or singing almost immediately through proven and fun methods. 

AMPED values


Family (213)_edited_edited.jpg

The Feldman Family Music Scholarship Fund was established in 2017.  Lea Feldman was an accomplished Opera singer, and her husband Chuck Feldman was a prolific composer of Jewish music.  Their generous donation helped AMPED open its doors in 2017. 


Lea and Chuck were passionate about music, and believed every child should be able to receive a music education.  We know that some of our current students, from time to time, may struggle to pay for their music lessons, and we are committed to assisting those students via our scholarship fund so that they are able to continue to pursue their music education.  We also know that the same committed families, when they are able, will in turn pay forward the gift of music to another family in need.

To donate to the scholarship fund, please send a check to:

Academy of Music Performance and Education-scholarship fund

854 W. Lancaster Blvd.  Lancaster, CA  93534

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